What Are Some Great Things To Bring?

• Current room photo's • Measurements of wall or walls you are shopping for • Photo's or links of designs you like and/or rooms & styles you want to use for inspiration

How Much Does Wallpaper Cost?

This can vary widely based on your design selections, total amount needed and other factors. Talk to one of our in-store design experts for more detailed pricing specifics: Call Us Directly | 480-361-9410 Our in-store design experts are always available during business hours to answer any pricing related questions and help you get more detailed specifications on price ranges/information for your specific project, design choices and more. Email Us | Click Here to send email Be sure to include what designs/styles/brands you are considering for your project, pattern #'s for designs if possible, project measurements and any other specific details regarding your project.

Who Should I Bring With Me?

It's always a great idea to bring your spouse/significant other/ or anyone who has a part in making decisions for your home. The last thing you want is to get home with a design all picked out and ready to go, and then have to start again from scratch because they "aren't a flower person"! Plus, most of the time they can actually be a big help in the selection process as they may have an eye for certain things you may be missing.

What If I Don't Have Any Room Details Etc. With Me?

Don't Worry! Although having things like measurements, room photos, etc. can help you make your final selections, you can still: • Browse our huge inventory for inspirational ideas • Talk to one of our design experts to get detailed recommendations and guidance for your project • See the hottest new interior trends in person •And much, much more!