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Wallpaper Calculator

When looking at wallpaper, one of the very first questions asked is, “how much do I need?” Although it can seem daunting, figuring out the number of rolls is actually quite simple with our easy to use wallpaper calculator. For a quick estimate, use our wallpaper chart below. To calculate the number of wallpaper rolls needed, take the distance around the room in feet and then take the height from floor to the ceiling. Pair your measurements up on the chart below to determine the number of rolls. For example, if a room was 24 feet with 8 foot ceilings, you would need roughly four rolls of wallpaper. Remember, if you have a chair railing or wainscoting, adjust your wall height according by measuring from the rail to the ceiling.

Wallpaper Roll Chart Estimator

How To Calculate Wallpaper Without A Wallpaper Calculator

1. Determine the square footage you wish to cover. To do this, first measure the height of your walls. Use the tallest wall as your wall height. Now measure the width of each wall you wish to cover and add them together. 2. Multiply the total height in feet and the total width in feet of your room. This will give you the total square footage. 3. For each standard door subtract 17 from the square footage. (For any other size door subtract the square footage of the door from the total square feet). 4. Find the pattern repeat. This can easily be found on the product page of any item on our website. - If the repeat is small meaning the repeat is 12” or less including no repeat, divide the square footage by 25. - If the repeat is large meaning the repeat is 13” or more, divide square footage by 21. 5. Your total will tell you the amount of single rolls you will need. Remember, wallpaper is sold as a double roll bolt. When ordering 6 single rolls, you will receive 3 double roll bolts of wallpaper.

How To Calculate Grasscloth Wallpaper Without A Wallpaper Calculator

Typically, non-printed grasscloth is 36” wide & 24’ long, and each double roll has three 8’ long pieces. If ordering a grasscloth wallpaper, use these instructions. 1. Follow steps 1 – 3 above. 2. Once you’ve determined your total square footage, divide by the total square feet of one roll to determine how many rolls you need.

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