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Why Is Wallpaper Priced By The Single Roll, But Sold In Double Rolls?

This current packaging, standard industry-wide, dates back to when wallpaper bolts were packaged in varying size bolts some in double rolls, triple rolls, and even larger. To simplify pricing, the single roll (as the smallest unit of measure) became the standard unit of pricing. As the industry began to cater to the do-it-yourselfer, and stores began to carry wallpaper, the double roll bolt became the standard size, but the single roll remained the pricing standard.

What Is The 'Run Number' That Is Noted On My Wallpaper Label?

Each time a specific color design or wallpaper pattern is run by presses, it is given a run number or lot number. Although most people never need to know the lot number, if you run short of wallpaper to complete your job, it is best to order your wallpaper from the same run number for the best color match. If for some reason, the wallpaper is no longer available in your run number, you can use any of our press runs to finish the job. But for optimal results, keep the unmatched run on a single wall, trying not to hang two long strips of two different runs together, because although our color matchers are some of the best in the world, it is impossible to achieve an exact match from one run to another.

Why Do Wallpapers Come In Varying Widths? Will I Get More Paper On A Wider Roll?

Typically, wallpaper has two roll sizes: 20 1/2 inches wide by 33 feet long and 27 inches wide by 27 feet long. The roll size is determined by the printing process used to create the paper. There is approximately the same amount of square footage on each roll.

Why Are Some Papers Pre-Pasted, And Others Un-Pasted? Which Is Better?

There is really no quality difference between pre-pasted papers and un-pasted papers. The main difference comes down to installation preference. Designer papers are often un-pasted because they are more typically installed by professional paper hangers who have a preference for pasting the papers.

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